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We specialize in the Iberian and Asian markets

Through our office in central Spain we aim to serve our domestic clients. Also, we have a broad network of partners in Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, France and Germany. Besides, we have over 5 years’ experience and business partners in the Asian market, with an office and staff in southern China.

Bulk collection

You have bulk material and you would like us to collect it from you.

Bulk material sales

We offer bulk material for sorting plants wishing to create the first value chain.

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Baled plastic collection

You have a baler and you are looking for a company who can crush your plastics.

Baled material sales

You need baled material already sorted to create value with your crusher by producing crushed material.

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Crushed plastic collection

You already have the materials ready for a final recycling process.

Crushed plastic sales

If you are interested in washed our unwashed materials, we have a monthly offer for both national and export markets.

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Extruded plastic collection

You have extruded the material and you wish to find some value in the national or international markets.

Extruded plastic sales

You need to manufacture your new products. Here is our list of ready-to-use material.

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Recent cargo

We are gradually shifting our line of business to focus on technical plastics for the European market, while satisfying the demand for injection moulded material of the Iberian market and for extruded plastics of the Chinese market.

Baled injection moulded PP imported into Spain
Injection moulded polycarbonate exported to Europe
LDPE para filmar vendido en Asia

Our values

We focus on creating mutually respectful and lasting relationships with our suppliers and clients. We look for the satisfaction of our suppliers, for a happy supplier helps us work with the best material which, in turn, contributes to the satisfaction of our clients.