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Services designed for a constantly changing market

We live in an era of constant change, and GGE evolves with it. We anticipate society's needs by offering innovative solutions in recycled plastic. Our commitment to sustainability and leadership drives us to create a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Waste management

We offer waste collection with environmental traceability to ensure your company complies with the requirements of European waste regulations.

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Plastic trading

We offer solutions not only in European markets but also wherever your plastic gains more industrial value for its transformation.

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We are committed to society and its well-being

We fully support the European Union's objectives to ensure that 50% of circulating plastic is recycled. Through our initiatives and specialized services in recycled plastic, we work tirelessly to advance this goal and promote a more robust and sustainable circular economy.


More than a company

We are one family.


GGE in numbers

GGE has over 10 years of experience and a presence on all 5 continents.


We recycle a total of
+1.000 tons
of plastic per month
Updated June 5, 2024


Only in Europe
+300 tons
of plastic per month
Updated June 5, 2024

The circular economy in the plastics industry

The circular economy is a concept aimed at eliminating waste and promoting the continuous reuse of resources. In the plastics industry, adopting a circular economy approach presents both significant challenges and exciting opportunities. 




We want you to join us
We want you to join us at GGE, where we open new vacancies every year. We are looking for elite profiles, graduates from ICEX scholarships, to lead our international expansion. Join our team and be part of a sustainable future full of opportunities.

Engineering plastics

Our goal is to become leaders in supplying engineering plastics to meet the demands of the automotive and electrical sectors in Europe.



Our presence extends across all 5 continents, ensuring comprehensive and sustainable solutions worldwide.

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